Pares – consultant and research professional co-operative

Pares – participation, responsibility, sustainability is a cooperative of professionals with complementary skills that has been operating since 2001.

Pares works to develop projects with organizations, communities and territories, through a variety of interventions that mix consulting, training, co-design, writing and digital collaboration.

Pares collaborates with social enterprises and enterprises, local public bodies and public companies, schools and training agencies, research centers, non-profit organizations, local development networks and second level associations.

Pares customizes the interventions according to the specific needs of people, work groups, organizations and projects, adopting the model of the artisan workshop that works to measure. Pares cares and takes care of co-designing of plans and programs, complex projects in partnerships, workshops, training modules and webinars, organizational changes and developments, corporate responsibility, digital communication, online collaboration and consultancy, communities of practice and learning, participatory local action, books, maps and other scriptures.

Recent consultancy in the field of partnership development and multi-stakeholders collaborations

  • Intervention for the development of a community of practice among the ten partnerships of the Natural Capital One call (2018-2021) and the Natural Capital Two call (2019-2022) for the experimentation of ecosystem payments, promoted and financed by the Cariplo Foundation. The projects involve partnerships consisting of parks, municipal administrations, promotion and protection organizations, research centers.
  • Support to the participatory designing of the development plan for the library systems in the Vimercatese and Melzese area, on behalf of CUBI culture libraries on the net (2018-2020). The project involves 57 municipalities and 70 public libraries in the eastern area of ​​the province of Milan.
  • Conducting co-design workshops with local stakeholders for the development of the Local Digital Agenda and the Regulation for Common Goods in the Union of Municipalities of the Bassa Reggiana (RE) (2019).
  • Methodological support to the steering committee of the #Fuoricentro, a project to combat educational poverty, with schools and communities in three valleys of Trentino (funded by the Foundation for Children , 2018-2021).